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Whenever, wherever

With a cloud-based tool, you can work on your plan from any of your connected devices. The data saved on one, is instantly accessible on another.

We'll help with the maths

Follow a simple, easy-to-use wizard to automatically create cash flow, profit & loss and balance sheet statements.

Key to business funding

Craft a business plan that may help you get the capital you need. Even in tough investment climates, good ideas backed by good teams and good business plans have a better chance of getting funded.

How does it work?

Complete your business plan easily in three simple steps

5 sections

Work through each section and answer the questions to explain your business model and strategy.

Help and support

As you complete the sections you can refer to tips, advice and fully-worked examples.

Printable PDF

Download and print your completed plan as a PDF. The plan is made up of the information you've given as well as 3 financial statements to show your business' financial plan.

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Do I need an AIB account to sign up?

Will I be able to append my own financial document to the plan?

Does it work on mobile, tablet and desktop?

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